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A note from the director

For my parents, riding the EL is still a novelty.  They visit from Fort Wayne, IN, a few times each year and always look forward to riding the elevated train that traverses the city.  They stand out, novices that they are, because unlike most people on the train, they think this experience is fun.  Over half a million people ride the EL each day, and for so many of us, the sights and sounds are nothing special – our daily commute on the EL is as insignificant as brushing our teeth or eating breakfast.  It is a necessity we tolerate because it gets us to where we need to be.  We don’t enjoy it or look forward to it – we don’t dread it either.  Many of us use the ride to zone out, listen to music, read a book, or tell Facebook something important.  But despite our efforts to ignore it, we can’t help the occasional interruption to the routine.  And these interruptions, whether fantastic, horrific, hilarious, heartwarming or gut wrenching, are the fodder for our show.  Each story was told – word for word – to us by the person who lived it in real life.  They come from people all over the city and beyond, many of whom were once audience members.. At EL Stories, you will have a chance to tell us your story.  During the performance, one audience member will be chosen to tell their story and see it played back by the cast.  And afterwards, cast members will be available to record additional stories – tell us yours and it could appear in a future performance.

Stories are happening around us all the time.  Stories happen in your life every day.  Be open to them, experience them, and remember them.  Because we want to hear them.

Zack Florent, Director

EL Stories begins an open run at the Greenhouse Theater Center on Saturday, March 3.  For more information about the show, click here.