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Will your EL story debut this summer?

Tomorrow night heralds the newest edition of EL Stories - the fifth chapter of the show under the Waltzing Mechanics banner and the second since we began our open run at the Greenhouse Theater Center in March.  Mechanics co-founder Keely Leonard crafted a production comprised entirely of new EL story adaptations sourced from our audiences and riders across the CTA system.  If you've shared a transit tale with us in the past, surely you must be curious if it will find its way to our stage this summer. 'EL Stories' cast in rehearsal for our newest run debuting June 2

We're pleased to announce the seventeen contributors whose own real-life commuting stories will appear upon our stage:

George, Wilmette - "Midnight Raid" Adham, Leicester U.K. - "And We're Off" Owen, Bucktown - "The Story of 'Oh Megan'" Darrin, Uptown - "In Love With a Stripper" Lelani, Fort Wayne IN - "Don't You Live Here?" Audra, Lakeview - "And Sweetheart, We Know" Sarah, North Center - "Florida Will Not Leave You" John and Lou, Wilmette - "It Was Like a Family" Shelby, Old Town - "Girlie Girl" Norm, Arlington Heights - "They All Applauded" Meghan and Justin, Noble Square - "The Boy From the Bus" Mike, West Lakeview - "Punk Kid" Jeremy, Highland Park - "Nice to Meet You But We're Good" Emily, Lincoln Square - "In the Belly of the Beast" Dennis and Ann, Winnetka - "I'm Glad I Got the EL" Anna and Marina, Andersonville - "Oh My God, Are You Serious?" Marta, Bridgeport - "Clearly Not Drunk Enough"

These selected narratives premiering June 2 will continue in performance every Saturday night through August 18.  As you can imagine, the Mechanics collect new recordings weekly, and we have a formidable trove of stories to adapt.  Many excellent tales that may not have made the current show are likely to appear in future EL Stories editions as our open run continues.  Meanwhile, we hope that you'll join us aboard our late-night train for these alternately hilarious and thought-provoking stories this summer.

And remember, if you're the type of storyteller that thrives on instant gratification, we also select one audience volunteer each performance to share an EL story that our ensemble will then play back in scene.  To participate, just check-in with one of our actors in the lobby before the show and say, "Yes!  I have an EL story I'd like to share!"

Advance tickets for EL Stories (with NO service charges or ticketing fees!) are always available through our partners at the Greenhouse Theater Center box office.