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EL Stories: Holiday Train!

A note from the director:

The Holiday Train caught me off guard when I first witnessed it. It zoomed by on the other track in a blaze of holiday horror; a Yuletide apocalypse. Not knowing that this was a thing that happened on the EL, I was naturally scared and confused. That’s a normal response to a sudden onslaught of Christmas carols, right?

In a flash it was gone. But what it left behind was one of my favorite things about public transit in Chicago – an opportunity to connect with the others on the train. It gave us a reason to see each other – an excuse to speak to each other. No longer strangers, that brief, terrifying, encounter with the Holiday Train broke down our normal barriers and for the rest of our ride, we connected with each other like humans. It was magical.

Tonight, we invite you to join in our holiday celebration. Grab yourself a drink, sing along to your favorite carol, and relax as we bring you our favorite stories of the season, real stories told to us by real people. And as with every performance of EL Stories, you will have a chance to tell us your own story. During the performance, an audience member will be chosen to share their story and see it played back by the cast. And afterwards, cast members will be around recording additional stories for future editions of the show.

Wishing you all the best - Happy Holidays!!!