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Romanov Play: Anastasia

Let's Talk About the Animated Film Anastasia - Unrelated, You Should Totally Watch the Animated Film Anastasia

There is a movie. It is called Anastasia. It imagines a story of Anastasia Romanov in which she:

  • is not killed by Bolsheviks
  • is in fact saved from Bolsheviks by a kitchen boy (that's what they call him in the movie - a kitchen boy)
  • gets amnesia and grows up in an orphanage never knowing her true identity 
  • meets the kitchen boy again (but they don't recognize each other!) when he is trying to find someone to pretend to be Anastasia for a Seedy Cash Reward because SCOUNDRELS
  • realizes she actually IS Anastasia, after much song-and-dance
  • defeats an undead Rasputin and his Terrible Romanov Curse
  • hooks up with the kitchen boy after he realizes Seedy Cash Rewards are empty because LOVE
  • finds and keeps the world’s most adorable dog

 Here is Anastasia in Anastasia:


She sings, she dances, the length of her hair can change at any moment and she has the fanciest dresses in all the land.

Oh, and this is her dog:


All this glory comes at a price, of course, and that price is History.  Here is a list of Some of the Historical Inaccuracies in the film:

  • Real-Life Anastasia did get not to sing "Journey to the Past."
  • Real-Life Anastasia did not fall in love with the kitchen boy.  (There was no kitchen boy.)
  • Real-Life Anastasia was not tortured by Rasputin, because Real-Life Rasputin was not a sorcerer bent on destroying the Romanovs. Real-Life Rasputin was an eccentric mystic, and he was their friend.
  • The (super-short) story on Rasputin is that a lot of people didn’t like him, but the Romanovs loved and trusted him because he seemed to be able to save their desperately sick son. Ergo, they listened to his advice about how to run the country - and it turned out to some truly terrible advice. Then the people who didn’t like him REALLY didn’t like him, and they decided probably the best idea would be to kill him.  Which is what they did.

 But soft! 'Twas not all False! Here is a list of Some Things That Were True:

  • A lot of people did believe that somehow one of the Romanovs had survived.  They often tended to fixate on Anastasia in particular and a variety of women claming to be Anastasia popped up all over Europe for years after the Revolution.
  • Wealthy people in Imperial Russia did get to wear the fanciest dresses in all the land

For a while, Anastasia Romanov’s fate did have some mystery to it - eyewitness accounts all said she was killed, but there were two bodies missing from those found in the burial sight, a boy and a girl's. This is no longer the case.  In 2007 they found the final remains of the missing Romanov children; DNA testing confirmed their identities.  All seven Romanos now rest in a church in St. Petersburg.

Here is Real-Life Anastasia, holding her real-life dog. 

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